DEREK MCENROE - FOUNDER & doer of things

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Derek started his career in Rogers, AR with MillerCoors as a sales analyst.  It was there that his passion for beer began to develop.  As his tastes evolved, so did his desire for brewing knowledge, which ultimately led to picking up the craft himself.  A simple hobby soon became an obsession and quest for perfection.  

During this time, Derek was able to convert his wife Megan into a craft beer enthusiast as well.  Just like he converted her from a cat person to a dog person.  And it was a good thing he did, because without her support, and willingness to surrender the kitchen most weekends, New Province likely would not exist today.

Derek and Megan founded New Province Brewing in August 2014; following a dream with a simple goal of sharing their passion for great beer with the community that they had grown to love in Northwest Arkansas.

When not thinking about beer, Derek can also be found drinking it, eating good food with it, cooking, gaming, watching the razorbacks, listening to good music, or simply contemplating on some of the more important things in life; such as Lord of the Rings.

kort castleberry - head brewer

Kort has been working on his about me blurb for 7 months+ now!  We have a feeling it's going to be really good!

sarah heiser - bartender

Being a passionate outdoors person, Sarah is an active member of our local caving community and In her native habitat you can find her exploring the hills of the Ozarks, hoping to find a hole in the ground just big enough to squeeze into. In her opinion nothing pairs better than a hopped-up IPA and some good folks to camp with!

Also a mixed-medium artist, Sarah enjoys painting, planting in her garden and has been known to frequent a farmers market or two. She has always appreciated good beer made with care, and is excited to dive in and learn more. She’s taking the craft beer journey with you, come in and let’s talk beer!

hannah gillham - bartender