So it begins...

Well, really it began over a year ago when “what if...” conversations turned into the beginnings of a business plan.  It feels like an unrelenting tidal wave of stuff when you’re going through it all, but in reality over the course of a year we've (very) slowly gone from one toe in the water, to being up to our ears in commitments as the process has unfolded.

We've kept our plans pretty close to the vest all this time because we wanted to make sure that we had something really concrete to share with you all, not just a bunch of hopes and dreams (which admittedly are quite important when embarking on a venture such as this).  For us, this meant securing a place suitable for the brewing (and tasting) of our beer.  I’m happy to say that we finally have, and we are excited to begin sharing our plans with the community!

Our future location is 1310 W. Hudson in Rogers, AR.  I guess it’s still not as concrete as I would like, but we are happy to be building from the ground up.  This way we can ensure all of our utility requirements are met and we can lay out our equipment, work space, loading docks, and taproom in the most efficient way possible.


building site looking north towards hudson (side of building)


building site facing south (front of building)


As you can see, we’ve still got a long way to go before we can start brewing.  The building itself is going to take several more months between approvals, permitting and construction time, but we think it’s going to be worth the wait.

I’ll be documenting our progress from here on out, both on the blog as well as out on social media for you all to see.  Thanks for your support; I’m looking forward to adding our beer to the lineup of already great craft beers in NWA!  Drink Local!