At New Province, brewing isn't simply a craft, it's an obsession.

We embody the belief that brewing is a delicate blend of art and science.  Each drop has been meticulously crafted, without compromise, resulting in a quality pint every time.

Here the process is as important as the pour, and there's always something new to discover.  Here we're passionate about changing the way you experience beer.

Within our borders you are one of us, and the craft is yours to claim.

the name

Northwest Arkansas has long been a unique locale as its residents can attest; a transient community that has been embraced by native Ozarkians.

With nearly half of our residents from another state or country, an array of perspectives, cuisines, and cultures have blended to push us forward unlike anywhere else in the United States.

For us, a barrier came down when the citizens of Benton County voted to repeal prohibition after nearly 80 years in 2012. An already unique region transformed yet again. A New Province was born within NWA -- a province that desired diverse offerings of locally crafted beer and a thirst for new experiences.